Happy Summer, ya’ll 🌞

Hey everyone, I’m so happy to still have this little space within the Internet to reach out and share my thoughts on what I’m learning and experiencing as a software engineer. I am sorry for such inactivity here, but life has been full. I can’t make any promises at this moment on regularity, but I can say I have content I’m building up for you all filled with my passions in art and technology.

I currently work for a security company building and maintaining internal applications for the company. June will mark my fifth month at the company and it’s been a wild ride! I’m learning Python and finally digging into modern React code using hooks, ES6, and many fun front-end tools I’ve never seen before. All’s this to say, I’m a dog in a lab coat really trying to pretend I know what I’m doing for this job. 🤣 Imposter syndrome is a slog.

Cute Golden Retriever with a chemistry set. Meme caption “I have no idea what I’m doing”

Since mid-March, I have sheltered at home to flatten the pandemic curve in Michigan. I’ve been spending this time reading lots and exploring more drawing and painting; more than I have in years. It’s been a very therapeutic time. I’ve been also sharpening my sketchnoting skills. I had a chance to attend the wonderful Women of React conference and Let’s Sketch Tech 2020, which both allowed me the opportunities to listen to some brilliant folks and sketchnote.
As I often do, I’m juggling a couple of reads right now (stay tuned for reviews and more from these books!).

I’m looking forward to a gorgeous warm summer, filled with exciting projects and excuses to get outside. I hope you all are keeping safe and washing your hands!

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